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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's Up Deva Curl

Sorry I am late on getting back to you...but, my real life kicked in and reared its ugly head! 

But, I am back now though and thrilled beyond thrilled to tell you that Deva Curl products ROCK!!! 

And I had to use the above picture because it reminded me of Red Curlz, duh!

To learn more about Deva Curl products, click here!

I have a sneaking suspicion that if we keep using these Deva products on Red Curlz, she will no doubt perhaps have red curls like the lady above!

The No-Poo was the most astonishing product for me.  And until you try it, you just won't understand! 


darlin.nicki said...

your daughter will not have a looser curl as a result of using deva, but rather a more moisturized curl and smoother coil...one thing to remember is that your daughter has picked up a lot of the textured traits of african american hair and they key is MOISTURE....curly hair frizzes b/c it is dry...I use deva daily and it has done wonders for me... (i am also bi-racial)....as she grows older another suggestion would be to practice the art of braided styles....this will protect her precious mane and keep it healthy...find a beauty salon that caters to natural african american hair for more info...you little ruby will love you for this later in life...