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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Deva Curl Results

Just so you guys know...I think I have an issue with my comments, and I am working on getting it fixed!  And my little Christian friend is having the same issue, I think, because I tried to leave a comment and it wouldn't let me!  Just hate dislike that!  If I figure out the coding, I will send it your way so you can fix your layout too!

So, as promised...here are some shots of my Deva Curl Gurl!!!!

Sorry for the naked-ness, but we just jumped out of the bath!

Red Curlz being silly and posing for the camera!

Being even more silly.  If that is even possible!

There we go. 

So, of course, this is with wet culrz!  Wet curlz always do better than dry curlz.  In my opinion.  Can you say, FRIZZ?!?  But, what I love so much about Deva Curl is that the "No-Poo" Shampoo is so hydrating and does not strip the hair like most other shampoos.  It makes her hair much more managable. 

And here is a shot of Red Curlz on the way out the door this morning.  Dry curlz.  Her hair is not down, but is still looked pretty good before I put it up.   Especially since I haven't made the switch over to satin pillowcases yet.  I heard that helps with the frizziness too. 

Again, it is better for us because I am not pulling her hair as much when I am doing it.  Which means less, "Ouchie, mommy!"  "AGH!  My hair!!"  "Stop, mommy!  You hurtin' me!"  You know, all that. 

I am a Deva Curl fan. 


melifaif said...

Comments are back people!! Sorry about that.