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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hope for Haiti

They still need us.  Let's give Haiti even more HOPE!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a lovely room

I adore this room. 

{image via}

the white walls ::  the bright colors ::  that headboard!

I would love for Red Curlz room to be this fantastic!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teach Me

{Inspiration and Image via}

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wild Life Prints

I fell in love with these sweet little prints as soon as I saw them.  You can get your very own from the Wild Life Prints Etsy Shop!

They would be adorable in a nursery.  And especially this one in my new nieces room.

Or quirky in a powder room.

Dazzling in a tween room!

And I have NUMEROUS friends I could give this too.
I am Sewing, Hear Me Roar!!!

This one strikes my fancy because the Houston Rodeo is just 'round the corner!

Perfect in a boys room, no?  So silly, I love it!

And this is probably my favorite.

Reminds me of the old saying, "Like a bull in a china closet!" 

These prints really do it for me.  Brings in the unique without being too OUT THERE or far out.  Although, they truly are FAR OUT!!!!  Like, totally, dude.

Be sure to take a peek for yourself...just click here!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Favorite Kind of Books - Barefoot

I want to introduce you all to a wonderful company and producer of my favorite type of books!  This company is known as Barefoot Books.

{image via}

Explore. Imagine. Create. Connect. Give Back. That’s what Barefoot Books is all about. It’s exploring other cultures, our planet, ourselves. It’s making time for make-believe and letting imaginations run wild and free. Most of all, it’s about using the power of stories to nourish the creative spark in everyone and strengthen connections with family, the global community, and the earth.

What is not to love about that??!!??  I was doing a Craft Show recently and there was a Barefoot Books Booth set up very close to mine.  I bartered.  Traded a piece of my artwork for two terrific books for Red Curlz.  The very noticable difference in Barefoot books is the amazing illustrations!  They are oh so lovely and bold. 

Red Curlz is the proud owner of...

The CD/song that goes with this book is terrific!  So catchy...we sing it all the time!  And we take it to Day Care to share with her class.  They all love it.  Click on the title above and you can hear a clip of the audio. 

Another great thing about Barefoot Books website is they provide tabs for age groups, so picking out the perfect book, for the perfect kiddo is just a click away!

I think this will be my next purchase for Red Curlz...

Not only is this an amazing book to have in your collection, but Barefoot books will donate ten percent of sales from Whole World to benefit global conservation.  Beat that. 

And you can.  By Books that Give Back!  This, and many other books you purchase, will ship directly to children in schools and libraries across Africa.

This is the kind of company that I would like to support.  You should definitely go check them out for yourself!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Red Curlz 100th Post

So...yesterday I posted my 100th post over here at the Red Curlz blog!  Yay for me...

I am so excited I could do this...

{image via}

...if I could actually do that! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Totsy Today -

If you are not already a "member" (it's free!) of Totsy...I urge you to join!  You get inside sale prices, aka Flash Sales on numerous brands for babies, toddlers and children! 

Today's sale is from Velvet and Tweed and I am LOVING these sweet outfits...

Calling all BOYS MOMMAS...these are calling you!

I just love those.  And I think I found a new store obsession....great!  You don't even wanna see their Spring 2010 Collection...I could go broke!  Enjoy...this sale ends in less than 24 hours.  Get ta shoppin'....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Magical Valentine for you!

{image via}

I hope you all feel the LOVE this weekend!

Kisses and Hugs!

Prayers for Layla Grace

If you live in the Houston area, I ask that you join us tonight to pray for this little girl, Layla Grace!

Click here to read about her journey.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I forgot...

...how addicting E-Bay is!  I just purchased the below items for Red Curlz...

And please do NOT judge me for the below purchase.  Houston Rodeo is coming up in March and I have BIG plans for the MINI-skirt!  And hey!  It was $5!

And I have two pending....I am so SO bad.  I love it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

a modern teeter totter

Oh how I love this toy!?!?!

Rock the house with this simple rocker solution that epitomizes “play potential”. It can be used as a speeding motorcycle, a galloping horse or even a balance beam (when mom’s not looking). The open ended design allows kids to bring their imagination to life and create an experience all their own. Its large size allows for two kids to grab a hold and take off. It is constructed from durable molded ply as strong the log that inspired it. Get ready to rock.

Click here to learn more! 

I think this would be an excellent 3rd birthday present for Red Curlz.  And I also think many kiddos would love this to play on...

'Memba Her?

Mae Whitman is famous for playing Meg Ryan's daughter in "When a Man Loves a Woman," George Clooney's daughter in "One Fine Day" and Sandra Bullock's daughter in the 1998 film "Hope Floats."

You guys remember her, right?  I loved her little glasses.  She was so so cute.

Well, guess what she looks like now?

Still a cutie!  Click here for the newslink.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0efxZbGqm

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sale at Robeez

Robeez is having a 30% - 50% off sale right now...and that is not too common, so I would highly suggest you stop by for a look-see! 

This Too Cute Chelsea Boot really tickles my fancy for only $21.99

And I am thinking of ordering a pair of these Lil' Sport Heart Tredz for $31.99

And for the boys...I am liking these Tredz Lil' Sport 1 for $31.99

And I wish I had a boy to put these in!!!
To top it off, most of their soft soled baby shoes are $19.99....check 'em out!

Wear Red - especially at Macy's

If you are going to drop into Macy's I suggest you wear something RED! For everyone that wears red gets an additional 20% off your purchase even on clearance items! This is in support of American Heart Association. Sale is good through 2/7.

Thanks Steals and Deals!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Keep Moving!

No matter how heavy the load may get...

...or how twisted the path becomes...

Keep Moving!

By any means necessary.

{Images via}