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Friday, October 23, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

It seems like every where I turn now a days, I am seeing adorable little hot air balloons!

No, not like these gorgeous, actual floating marvels...

But nursery's designed with the theme of hot air balloons.

Seriously?!  How cute are those paper lanterns that resemble hot air balloons?  A modern take. 

And take this fun mobile for example from The Red Balloon Company. 

I actually think the "theme," and I really am not a big THEME person, is understated and sweet.  You can make it the main theme or just use a few, hanging out by a window too. 

Imagine blue walls tranformed into a clear blue sky, with an occasional cloud!?!  Like this...

The bedding is cute and all, but I think I would opt for a more customized set with the bright colors that you prefer instead.  But, I adore the walls. 

Or if you want to keep with a soft, pastel palet, this chandelier would be a perfect touch.  As long as you have a hefty bank account to work with...

This all got me thinking...how much fun would a Hot Air Balloon Themed Birthday Party be????

Look at these cupcakes!  Tres adorable.

Or I could even make my very own Hot Air Balloon cake...doesn't seem to tricky?

And these paper lanterns would look amazing "floating" around the party scene!

Before the kiddos go and take off in their own Hot Air Balloon Ride!!!  Oh yeah!

I think I am going to have to ellaborate on this thought....suggestions are welcome.  And if you find any great Hot Air Balloon nick-nacks, please do share!


Anonymous said...

Where do I find those beautiful paper lanterns! Ohmigosh their beautiful!