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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We are the World Books

Since I am on the subject of race, culture, etc...

I thought I would highlight some educational and cultural books for...


by the Global Fund for Children

Is a board book with 17 photographs of different babies faces all around the world!


by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele

Is a book that combines colorful drawings of many kids with various backgrounds with the lyrics of a song made famous by Louis Armstrong.

by Karen Katz

Is a book that celebrates the many colors of the skin we're in!


by Anna McQuinn

by Anna McQuinn

Are books that celebrate friendship, childhood connection and cultural diversity.

These beautifully written books can help us as parents to start our little ones on a gorgeous journey.  A journey of education.  A journey of backgrounds.  A journey of cultures.  A journey of common ground.  Our own special journey that makes each of us unique! 


Yakini said...

These are some great books. Im gonna head on over to Amazon and see if i can find them. Hmmm, maybe i should put a Shelfari widget on my page with some of Chase's favs....

Thanks for sharing these!