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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lil Mister Big Sister Etsy Shop

A close girlfriend of mine started an etsy shop recently, and named it Lil Mister Big Sister in honor of her two tots.  Those two tots are the force behind what started her on this journey of custom, one of a kind boutique creations!

She is wonderful at what she does and unbelievably affordable!!! 

Red Curlz has many different creations from her and the quality is that of high end boutiques!  Here is one of her pillowcase dresses!  You can buy one right here!  Go ahead...don't be shy.  She is really nice!  I promise. 

And here is another...

Red Curlz was feeling extra frisky that day, and the shades just complete her look, right?!?!  And her cute little friend is the Big Sister of Lil Mister Big Sister!  Such a doll.

Now.  As much as I adore her pillowcase dresses.  And her personalized burp cloths.  And just wait until you get a peek at her silk minky dot blankets!  But, above all, my favorite.  The Nap Mat Covers!!!  To die for ya'll.

She made one for Red Curlz 2nd birthday this year and it is swoon worthy!  I should have posted pictures!  And I will.  I will post it on my Meli Faif Life blog next week, so be sure to tune it.  It is Bolly-wood Chic! 

I just love how it includes everything!!!  And everything is intact!  Pillow?  Check.  Blanket?  Check.  Soft?  Check.  Personalized?  If you wish.  Check. 

We take ours everywhere. 

Red Curlz can use it for years to come.  As the pillow has a flap on it that can fold out past the mat, so even your 5 or 6 year old can still fit in!  How is that for savvy?!?!

Now, go on. 

Fabric choices are endless. 

Not sure on a design? 

Let her choose. 

She has impecable taste!


Biracial Christian Girl said...

That is so cute! by the way how did you get your comment box to show? I'm still working on mine!

Biracial Christian Girl said...

Ok I finally figured out what do do about comments. If you want to post anything just click the comment link below each post and a window will pop up. thanks!

Biracial Christian Girl said...

by the way your daughter is a doll!