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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday - Heather Mitchell Edition

For this Pink and Green Thursday, I would like to highlight the creative eye and mind behind Heather Mitchell Photography!!

I am SOOOO in love with her work.  Enjoy! 

I am just head over heels with the vibrancy of these pictures.  And I have two no good tires at home....I think I need some neon spray paint....what do you think?

And this series of pictures just stole my heart.  How sweet are these lil friends?  There is a story being told...

Look at all of their eyes?  They are all so concerned about her fallen ice cream....awwww!!!!

And the next series is all about young love....I think!  Regardless, they are dreamy.


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Great photos, I love them!

Meg said...

ooh these are just so gorgeous! i love the vibrancy of her photography.

Pink to Green said...

These are so cute!

Hannah said...

These are great pictures. So adorable!

Glad you got the dress. I was going to email you and see, one thing I mailed out last week came back due to postage.

I hope you are happy with it!