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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All that matters is that she’s healthy and that we love her.

I am sure by now you have all heard of the British Nigerian couple who are now the proud parents of a healthy blonde hair, blue eyed little girl.  If you have not, check out the gorgeous pictures below. 

And click here to read the full article.  It is amazing. 

While we were shocked when Miss Red Curlz blessed our world....we kinda knew to expect some type of mix or variation, if you will.  I cannot imagine the shock this family must have experienced. 

But, the title says it all. 


undomestic chica said...

Their baby is still adorable (as is yours)

JJ said...

beautiful family! both of them. yours and theirs!

Yakini said...

"Shocked" is an understatement! I know she must have had a hard time convincing her hubby that she had been faithful. (Just kidding). Their daughter is just beautiful and, despite her fairer complexion and hair, still resembles them I think!