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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Posh much?

I saw this goregous, beautiful, lovely, posh little nursery on one of my favorite blogs, Little Miss Heirlooms.  She provides LOADS of inspiration...

But, I was seriously taken aback.  It is a nursery.  Yet so sophisticated.  And, well, lovely. 

I mean, take a look at the ceiling?!?!  Do your ceilings look like that????

Mine?  Do. Not.

I am loving the rich lavenders and grays used throughout. 

No.  I do not need nursery inspiration. 

No.  I am not pregnant.

No.  I am not planning on it.

Yes.  I want that room.  Ya know?  For the master.  Minus the crib part?  Thanks.

I think I may just have to....

Turn This Room Into An Outfit.  Just because I like it so, so much!


Bella Jean Boutique said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on our blog. We sell that apron for $15. We can do other fabrics also. Just e-mail us.
That room would make a nice looking suite - master or for us. Vic and Ver

Priscila said...

I know that room is amazing! The owner actually saw the ceiling with fabric like that in Nevada and said "I gotta do that"....

I think you are sooo pretty! Everytime I see your comments and your little blogger picture I am like WOW!!! You are so beautiful!!!!