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Friday, November 6, 2009


The Bragging Mommy introduced me to Maukilo today and WOW! 

Truly so many unique decor items.  Toys.  Carpets.  What-nots...so much fun just to browse around!

Here are some of my favorite finds.  But, please.  Do go pick out your own!  Please.

Red Curlz would go NUTS over this indoor swing!
(Not to mention it goes perfectly with her room.  Oops, I mentioned!)

And this funky little coat rack??  Lovin' it!

This adorable little seat cushion is on sale for only $15.99!!!

Lovely Horsey Carpet.
Would look fancy in my sis's nursery!

Marrakesh Seat Cushion.  Adoration.

Magic Aircraft Chair...need I say more?

Gorgeous Wall Art

The Best.  Selection.

Of. Childrens. Wall. Art.

In. One. Location.

I am so. Amazed.

And now I gotta stop!!!!
I gotta finish looking at all of this wonderful art!!!


Six divided by two..... said...

my girls are older but I adore the art. Stopping by to show some bloggy love via -Six Divided by Two