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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Red Curlz

So here is my first Black. White. And Red Curlz All Over. blog and I am oh-so excited!

I created this blog with my little red head in mind, but specifically, to cater to my desires to learn as much as I can from other cultures and share my experiences with raising a biracial child with red hair.

I love finding the most fun and unique baby, toddler and children's clothing, gear and everything else you can think of! Maybe even some things to make our jobs of moms and dads a tad bit easier...

I am a caucasian woman, who does not have red hair, I am married to an African American man, who does not have red hair, and we were blessed with a little girl who was delievered into our arms with very pale light colored skin, and you guessed it - bright red curly hair!
She is a perfect heaven sent blessing...with a little (A LOT*) of sass! *You can see her face!
This is just a part of our story.

Welcome! Please feel free to share your story!


Future Mama said...

Hey girl!! Your little girl is beautiful! haha, my hubby had read hair when he was a baby, I wonder if our child may have red hair. I tried to comment on your other blog but it wasn't working.

Such cute blogs!!

Marykatherine said...

It is funny, I was actually googling African Americans with red hair, and Red Curlz came up! I am a 20 year old college student with auburn red hair. Not nearly as bright as you little girl's but still sticks out. When i was born I was more of a strawberry blondish red head and as i get older it gets darker and darker. My dad had red hair (both my parents are African-American) but it has turned as well to dark brown. Oh the stories I could tell about people thinking I dyed my hair. (i am sure you have some as well!) My favorite is being 2 months old and as the story went someone cursed my aunt for "dying" my hair. But, all I can say is teach her to love her curls! (I still curse mine from time to time they are quite hard to manage) But, as a multicultural girl with red hair growing up it can be quite hard and bring alot of attention that can be annoying. If she loves them early she will embrace it rather than hate it! RoCk ThE ReD!