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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kawaii Kids

I just love this shop!

Nothing makes me more giddy than finding great, unique clothing and accessories for Red Curlz!  Other than finding great, unique clothing and accessories for Red Curlz at killer prices!!!

I really try not to deprive boys fashion on this blog, but I know I still do. But, how cute are these little blue clown pants?  Click here to get yourself, I mean, your little one a pair!

I just about died.  When I saw this!

I would love this Bonjour t-shirt...

...to go with these totally cute pom-pom shorts!

And I am thinking these Rabbit Bum Shorts would be splendid under an Easter Dress!

Or what about these Rabbit Leggings instead?

And, Red Curlz, will no doubt! Have these spectacular Pineapple Shorts for summer.  Loves.

A total must have for little baby girl this summer...say hello to these!

And some for little man too, just click here!
I do believe I have found a new addiction....love Kawaii Kids!!!!


Lori said...

aww these are adorable ;)

Tiffany said...

I have those sneaker socks for Gavin! I love the clown pants. I totally need to look into getting our Little Mann some of those before he get's too big. Would be super cute for hi birthday I think.

Risley said...

how cute! I will have to check it our!