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Friday, April 30, 2010

I owe you a Disney review

Yes I do!

And I am going to rate it in stars....we all know that 5 stars is a good thing.  Right?  Actually it is the BEST, when talking about stars.  4 out of 5 stars is still a really good thing. 

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So, there you have it.  Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate earned 3 out of 5 stars.

And since Red Curlz was on the edge of her seat all.night.long...waiting on Toy Story characters, I thought those 3 stars above should be used in my rating system.  I do think it is funny that Red Curlz was so interested in Toy Story?  Considering she has NEVER seen the movie?  Guess that should be my next purchase.

Back to the review.

Now, ahem, those 3 stars above stole the show.  Ha!  Not really, but how cute are they?  They did steal the pre-show while walking in...

I have to say.  I was bored.  And I usually get all excited about this kind of stuff.  I think the girls enjoyed it though.  And that doesn't matter because I was bored is the important part! 

I am pretty sure ALL of the Disney characters were there.  Which is completely cool, but I think that was why I found it boring.  It seemed as if they were ushering in each character to say hello...they did a spin around the rink...and then they were ushering them out so they next one could get ushered in.

Geesh, that's a lot of ushering, if you ask me.  Which you didn't, but I am reporting anyway.  I am pretty sure my face looked like Woody's when we were leaving.  Disappointed and questionable?

And please don't even get me started about the Disney Loot that were hawking everytime you turned a new direction.  $22 for a spinning light is ridiculous.  And $15 for a sno-cone!?!  Take a hike, buddy.  That's just wrong.  Boooooo on Disney!

That's why I received a heads up from a friend and made.our.own.  Take that Disney!

You call me cheap?  I call me smart!  And no-so-broke.

There is Mickey and Minnie and Pluto for your viewing pleasure...

Yes, the show may have been better if we were not seated next to the clouds.  I do understand that.

Snow White...

Red Curlz was impressed.....**golf claps**

...but, not with me.  She was annoyed that I was snapping her picture.  Whatever!

There is Princess Tiana, aka The Princess and The Frog.  She received the warmest reception of the night!

Ahhhh!  That is.much.better!

The Toy Story crew came out last.  And for about maybe 5 minutes.  Maybe. 

And that's all folks! 

Whoops....pretty sure that is Warner Brothers!  Yep, it is.

{image via}

Take THAT Disney!  Ha.


LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

Wow! So, your daughter is biracial and came out with red curls? Crazy! That's an interesting combination. Very cute.

Kristin said...

Awwww, love the Minnie ears! I wanted to take my lil' dude but the hubs thought it was too girly. HA!

Iva said...

OMG!!! your little girl is so cute!!! I LOVE her hair!! lol my family is mixed too ;)