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Friday, February 5, 2010

a modern teeter totter

Oh how I love this toy!?!?!

Rock the house with this simple rocker solution that epitomizes “play potential”. It can be used as a speeding motorcycle, a galloping horse or even a balance beam (when mom’s not looking). The open ended design allows kids to bring their imagination to life and create an experience all their own. Its large size allows for two kids to grab a hold and take off. It is constructed from durable molded ply as strong the log that inspired it. Get ready to rock.

Click here to learn more! 

I think this would be an excellent 3rd birthday present for Red Curlz.  And I also think many kiddos would love this to play on...


Inspiration in Italy said...

Looks amazing, I know I would have loved it as child! Hope you had a great weekend!!


Anna said...

How gorgeous is that rocker...awesome!

Playing Sublimely said...

things are so lovely over here...nice to meet you!